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Because you hate Memes too

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December 28th, 2005

10:45 pm
You are...


You scored as a MORON.

You actually fill out tons of memes like this and seem to be proud about the results. Maybe to distract people from the fact that you're a pathetic excuse of a low life who believes that answering 4 questions in a quiz will tell you how big your erection is, how much you'll leave behind for your family, which STDs are smarter than you and which kind of transmission fluid you are most likely to date.
You simply use these memes to make yourself seem more interesting than you really are. Thank god you can see all the results in the end so you can choose the most flattering one. Of course that is the one that resembles your real self the least, because meme's aren't fun if they tell you that you're fat, ugly and a social car crash...
Truth hurts!
You are the reason why people post so much in LJ and why so few people actually read it!

Take this test for yourself!
Created by androgynism

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January 16th, 2005

02:27 pm
if i see one more meme about punk labels and orgasmssss with cartoon characters and celebrities, i'll spork my eyeballs.


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October 5th, 2004


lolz for only $2.50 you can find out your secret crush!!!!!

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August 29th, 2004

12:04 pm - Woo woo woowo
I think from now on i'm going to remove anyone on my list who has bloody meme's. I'm fucking sick of them. "HOO IS UR SUOL M8?" OMG i gawt JOHNNY DEAP! i liek so toatly no we r togethre 4 evar LOL!@12. <333333

And of course when one person posts it EVERYONE uses the same fucking meme and gets the same bloody answer...and what's with the "what's your favorite color?" meme's? who the fuck cares what your randomly generated favorite color is D:

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August 20th, 2004

10:26 pm - Omg 2nd post
angelo23 needs to be banned from this community for eternity. Memes make Baby Jesus cut himself and write poems about it.
Current Mood: kill
Current Music: Electrasy - Cosmic Castaway

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August 11th, 2004

01:07 am - Woo
First post.

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