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Woo woo woowo - Because you hate Memes too

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August 29th, 2004

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12:04 pm - Woo woo woowo
I think from now on i'm going to remove anyone on my list who has bloody meme's. I'm fucking sick of them. "HOO IS UR SUOL M8?" OMG i gawt JOHNNY DEAP! i liek so toatly no we r togethre 4 evar LOL!@12. <333333

And of course when one person posts it EVERYONE uses the same fucking meme and gets the same bloody answer...and what's with the "what's your favorite color?" meme's? who the fuck cares what your randomly generated favorite color is D:

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Date:August 29th, 2004 03:40 pm (UTC)
I hate the new LJMeme, such as "Who has a crush on you?" And then many idiots will post these things that say 0 people have a crush on you. Because in order for it to work you need to SIGN UP and answer their questions.

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